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What We Do



Community members need safe spaces and activities to process and build upon their mental wellness. While there is a plethora of spiritual and religious programming within the broader Muslim community, there is a lack of hands-on, arts-based programs that integrate mental wellbeing into the arts. The Islamic tradition holds many examples of integrating art into aspects of life, including calligraphy, geometric art, architectural design, weaving, pottery, and so forth. The spiritual and mental benefits of hands-on art cannot be understated and is a powerful tool to this day.


Muslim Creative Wellness is a non-profit organization established in 2019 aimed at community healing through the modality of art with the integration of spirituality.  Individuals will put various aspects of themselves and other people into perspective to not only become more self-aware but also build confidence and ultimately an empowered community. We aim to have workshops throughout the nation to reach communities that do not have the resources to attend workshops in larger cities.


Our workshops aim to:

·            Build community wellness through hands-on art engagement workshops. We offer both public and private events.

·            Team building workshops

·            Retreats

·            College campus events

·            Adolescent and youth events